Universal Statues

          Universal Statues (US) is an import and distribution company with the mission of providing unique products to create beautiful displays throughout the different seasons of the year. US has been created with the sole purpose of bringing the best combination of holiday products into ONE company.

      We focus on being the One-Stop decorative shop for retailers and installers. Quality is our top priority, which is why we travel across the world and import only the best products in the market.

        We put a great honor in finding the top suppliers and products to give you the widest range at the best value for money.

  1. Christmas Ball 120cm Red with Base Side View
    Christmas Ball 120cm with Base
    As low as $726.00
  2. Christmas Ball 100cm with Base
    Christmas Ball 100cm with Base
    As low as $506.00
  3. Christmas Ball 80cm with Base
    Christmas Ball 80cm with Base
    As low as $321.00
  4. Candy Cane 350cm - SKU: 2505-0061 (White & Red)
    Candy Cane 350cm
    As low as $1,094.00
  5. Candy Cane 200cm - SKU: 2505-0060 (White & Red)
    Candy Cane 200cm
    As low as $693.00
  6. Christmas Parcel 60cm - SKU: 2505-0052 (Red & Green)
    Christmas Parcel 60cm
    As low as $481.00
  7. Christmas Parcel 40cm - SKU: 2505-0051 (Red & Green)
    Christmas Parcel 40cm
    As low as $363.00
  8. American Christmas Nutcracker 9ft - SKU: 2505-1402
    American Christmas Nutcracker 9ft
    As low as $1,027.00
  9. American Christmas Nutcracker 6ft - SKU: 2505-1401
    American Christmas Nutcracker 6ft
    As low as $534.00

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